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Is Your Hiring and Firing Cycle an Insane Merry-Go-Round?

Have you ever hired someone because they seemed like an eagle, only to find out after a couple months, and $1000s that they were actually ducks, and ultimately keep them until you can't stand to look at them anymore?  Once you finally have "had enough," you let . them go, only to be in a position of need all over again...

Is Your Training Process Confusing and Ineffective?

Most agency owners are operators too.  Operators get tired, owners get wealthy!  

Agents who execute a system for Recruiting, Hiring, Training, and Retaining outperform their "personality-managing" peers 5-to-1.

You'll Begin by Unlocking the World's Most Powerful Sales Attributes Index

You'll Receive Unlimited Sales Strengths Identifier Use with Your Monthly or Annual Membership


Use the Proprietary Sales Strengths to Make a Decision on Whether to Interview or Not.  Your Time is your most precious resource.  The SSI helps free up additional time, and is unlimited to use for all members.    Using data to make the best decision possible eliminates bad decisions we make with our "gut"


With the Proprietary Interview Guide, your Interviews are Systematized.  You'll create consistency and run every interview the same way, amplifying your recruiting & hiring skills, and helping you focus on the data, not the personality.  You'll master specific skills you won't learn anywhere else


Once you've assessed your team and your candidates, you'll then train them with the 7 Step Trusted Advisor Framework.  This systematic step-by-step sales strategy ensures that your sales producers maintain a consistent approach on every call for you to achieve your best outcomes


Your continuous black-belt style training creates the top-level results you've always wanted.  We also include your training to enable you to set expectations and create accountability for your staff with these highly effective employee review sheets.

Hear How Your Peers Dominate Our space,  and Crush their Numbers with Predicability and Repeatable Systems to Apply to Your Hiring and Sales Strategies:


"It's a great way to refine your service processes and really strengthen your team's sales results. The LSP Sales Assessment helps you really drill down into their individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes specifically to their sales calls. It's also a great strategy to use when you're making a hiring decision."

“As a new ECP agent with no industry experience prior, I wish I had invested in this system before I opened.  It most definitely helps create the urgency and consistency needed to create growth under the ECP model. I couldn’t believe what I learned about my LSPs!!!” - Lyndsay C, Maryland


"I used the Build a Wall on my quotes which helped me close more home and auto.  The real beauty is how easy it is to uncover 401k assets for rollovers.  This process is AWESOME!!" - Joseph S, Captive, PA

“Starting as a new captive agent, it was so important for me to find this system...the 28 Day Challenge is so great in establishing consistency and creating good habits!!!” - Galina B 


"We used the Sales Strengths Identifier to hire 9 new sales people for my 3 locations this year.  The system makes it easy to identify who to interview and then how to train.  Highly recommend!" - Gregg B, Captive, FL

"I have 8 LSPs and write 280-300 items a month. With this kind of volume, any tiny increase in closing % can have a huge impact on my monthly sales volume. I have used Agency Vault’s LSP Assessment and sales training to elevate my LSPs’ results. "

Justin H.
Captive Agent & Entrepreneur

"Agency Vault has radically reduced my stress levels. I now have tools to assess staff and prospective employees. I also have videos to assist in training. The Sales Training is simple and intuitive but very valuable. Agency Vault makes it easy for me to train my team to be Trusted Advisors. I would encourage any agent who wants to grow their book to utilize this platform"

Laura H.
Captive Agency, Texas

"I have hired 2 new producers thanks to your Agency Vault products and the online sales attribute test. You will see some heavy use in the coming weeks as my new Producers are onboarded. Highly Recommend!"

Walter S.
Captive Agency Owner, IL

"One of my LSPs attended the LSP Bootcamp and managed to write 12k in premium the week following, because of strategies and tips he learned from the event. I highly recommend this program."

Anthony A.
Indie Agent, Texas

"The weekly coaching call has helped me stay accountable to what I need to do with my team to ensure they’re following a framework which creates consistency and delivers results. We made Inner Circle Elite this year. Thanks Guys!!!"

Maureen D
Captive Agent, OH

"We have used the tactics in this sales strategy for over a year now. I can tell you, it makes it so simple to train my team to be advisors, not sales people. I am now opening a second location because I have has such great results. I love how I can assess, hire, and train, all from one awesome company. The weekly coaching calls really help me stay in my lane!"

Travis T
Captive Agent, CO

Check Out These 3 Powerful Free Resources:

Learn In The Way That Creates Your Best Results

Learn anytime, anywhere, and whatever way you like, with multiple coaching formats

Online E-Learning Platform

The Hiring And Sales Blueprints are online training courses designed to help insurance agents write more auto, home, and life insurance in their agency.  We have outline all the steps you need to become a blackbelt in both hiring and sales training.

You can access this training through your computer, tablet, or smart phone, at anytime, from anywhere in the world.  

Downloadable PDF's 

This interactive training is presented via training videos and downloadable PDFs. Our content is simple and executable.  It was developed using concepts that naturally exist in sales, re-tooled and re-calibrated for our unique ecosystem.

Write $20,$30,$40, or $50k in Premium per Producer!


When you find the right producer, who can be coached with the right sales framework, you'll get massive results.  Your challenge might be that your producers don't have the right training, or maybe they aren't the right producers...Either way, the Agency Vault System is your start-to-finish system to Recruit, Hire, Train, and Retain Insurance Producers.

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