"Your Hiring Strategy MUST be Ongoing.  The EASIEST way to implement is with this LSP Sales Hiring Assessment"  - Craig Pretzinger, Agency Owner 3 Locations, Top Month 235 Items, 8 LSPs, Co-Host The Insurance Dudes Podcast

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"ALL Successful Agencies BEGIN with Creating a Consistent Hiring Strategy" - Neal Tricarico, Agency Vault Co-Founder, and Sales Director at Tony Robbins Int'l

Needs-Based Hiring Cycle of Frustration and Wasted Money

"The Average Bad-Hire Costs $82k in Real and Opportunity Costs" - Oracle Study, 2012

Get Unlimited LSP Sales Attributes Assessments

Make Hiring Easy and Get Better Results -- Compress Your Hiring Pipeline, Faster and Easier

Testimonials from Actual Agency Vault Clients:

From: Agency Vault's Hiring Desk
Subject: Show Me How to End the Cycle of Turnover!

For almost a decade, we have been blessed to work with insurance agents...

People who manage risk everyday.

People who are GREAT at what they do when it comes to protection, but haven't been shown the "how" on executing a system to eliminate the agonizing and costly cycle of turnover.  

We have been fortunate to find the Rosetta Stone of recruiting, and the best part?...it doesn't even cost much to implement!!!

You win leverage by getting the results of all of our years of mistakes and costly bad hires!

Because we have been using the Sales Strengths Identifier for almost a decade, we have the data points of 10's of 1000s of Insurance Sales Producers (Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, IAs). The gaps we see in their attribute charts create patterns that allow us to make quick yes/no decisions so that we can maximize our candidate pool while minimizing the time spend!

Agents' #1 reason for failure in this business is lacking a long-term strategy to Recruit, Hire, Train, and Retain team members so that they can build a long-term culture to scale their agency.

As we have traveled across this great nation to events & places such as the National Conference, Texas Leaders Forum, Southwestern Conference, Inner Circle, Home Office, and our Agent Friends' and #AVGladiators' offices, we continue to hear the same challenges, day in and day out.

When we launched Agency Vault in 2016, we wanted to create a platform that would create a bridge between the hiring process and the sales process, without agents having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month.

We Wanted To Create Something That Would Take Away The Hiring Barriers That Would Keep Us From Having Success...


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We've Created the GPS, You Just Need to Drive!

Instead of "Reinventing the Wheel" Plug, Play, and Execute these fundamentals:

Find Talent

Your Talent Is Your Competitive Advantage

A Bad Hire Costs You $82k

Consistently Recruit

Always Be Recruiting...Always!

Use Our Proprietary Hiring Framework to Maximize Applicants and Minimize your Time Spent on Duds

Use Proven Skills

Leverage Your Talent Assessments

Get UNLIMITED Sales Strengths Identifier Assessments

Make the Best Decision

Make the Best Decision Possible

Interview like an Expert with Your Own Hiring Guide to ask the RIGHT questions

Train with Confidence

Train to Retain

Agency Owners that train their team have a 50% less turnover.  Train their specific gaps with Sales Vault--personalized training for each Sales Attribute!

Continuously Engage

Engage for Profit

Engaged sales teams write 87% more items and premium.  Leverage your Employee Reviews to maximize profits with reviews created and used by top agents.

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We have spent 10 years perfecting this Sales Attributes Instrument, so that our fellow agents wouldn't have to figure out this most challenging part of ownership.

It will indentify top talent, and help eliminate people you shouldn't even be talking to.

We discover people who will be coachable with the on boarding and training system we will include with your membership, should you choose to join...


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different than other "Personality Tests, like Caliper, Omni, or Ideal Traits?"

A: It's NOT a personality test! With a quick two-step ranking system, your candidates will let you know if they have the SPECIFIC Attributes to function at the Highest of Levels with the skills Scientifically Identified to excel in our unique insurance environment.  Created by agents FOR agents, delivering MASSIVE value!  It's FAST, EASY, and DEAD-ON Accurate!

Q: What's In the Hiring Blueprint/Hiring Vault?

A: Utilize the Hiring Vault to purchase the "Build Your Ultimate Sales Producer Team" course along with Unlimited Assessments.  

Ditch your tired, old DISC Personality Tests and utilize our proprietary ONE-OF-A-KIND Sales Strength Identifier that's been developed using data points from 1000s of Sales Reps specifically from the insurance industry.

Save yourself 10s of thousands of dollars by implementing a manageable and successful hiring strategy.

Q: I don't have time! Is it difficult to implement?

A: Heck no! We have developed a step-by-step checklist and "implementation course" that is fast and simple.  Once you are grounded in the fundamentals, you can easily implement the tools, trainings, lessons, and strategies immediately.  Listen to actual interviews, and learn how to effectively interview with our step-by-step interviewing unit.

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