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Your Sales Strengths Identifier: 

  • Make FASTER Decisions on Staff
  • Save $1000s of $$ by removing your "gut" from the hiring process
  • Use Data to Run Your Interview Process
  • Unlock 30+ Pages of Data with a 10 minute Assessment
  • Use this ACCURATE Assessment to SCALE!


Weekly Coaching Call with the Founders & Replay Access! ($250/call Value)

We meet weekly to provide Heavy and Neutral Accountability to ensure you stay focused on your most important outcomes. 


Private Elite Coaching Group ($299/mo Value)

Proximity is power!  Connect with top-results producing agents to ensure you're not re-inventing the wheel!

  • Hiring Strategies
  • Sales Strategies 
  • Connections with agents
  • Supporting Tactics


Hiring Blueprint - Your GPS For Sales Team Building ($1997 Value)

Your 6 Steps to Building Your Ultimate Insurance Sales Team (of any size).  These six units are filled with extensive video lessons, downloadable and actionable pdfs to optimize your recruiting and hiring program.  You won't get caught "Hiring Out of Need" again and wishing you hadn't brought that person on again?  

  1. Your Talent is Your Competitive Advantage
  2. Always Be Recruiting - Includes: Recruiting Process Flow, Ads, Candidate Tracker, & Offer Letter 
  3. Leverage Talent Assessments: How to Understand and Deliver Your Sales Strengths Identifier to Recruits
  4. Interviewing: Includes the AV Interview Guide to ask situational questions based on the data from the candidate's assessment for increased accuracy!
  5. Train to Retain: Lesson on the importance of ongoing training
  6. Sustainable Engagement for Profit: Sales and Service Review sheets and instructions


Sales Blueprint - Your GPS for Creating Sales Champions! ($1997 Value per Team Member/yr)

Your Sales Call Framework for Insanely Powerful Insurance Sales Calls!

Step 1: Shift Your Focus - We help your LSPs transform their mindset

Step 2: Establish Rapport - Techniques you create a powerful connection with the prospect and build trust

Step 3: Diagnose Needs - Includes a powerful questioning strategy to increase premium, items, and ALR opportunities on every call

Step 4: Build Value - Tactics to increase the value of your products with the proper language about their coverage and their qualifying packages

Step 5: Create Buy-In - When you are able to have the prospect or client articulate back to you WHY they must buy this coverage, you have a new client

Step 6: Overcome Objections - Even though objections will be less than before, we will still come across them.  We have developed 7 Steps to overcoming ANY objections

Step 7: Write Policies - At this point it's time to take payment and bind the policies 

TOTAL VALUE IS OVER $5000/year value...which you can unlock for only $99 ++FREE++for the 1st 14 Days!!! TODAY ONLY!



Hear what our raving fans have to say:

I use it. Love the Agency assessment and videos for training. Definitely worth the money!

Laura H, Texas, Captive Agent, Best Selling Author

I am pumped to share about my experience implementing Agency Vault! I have 8 LSPs and write 280-300 items a month. With this kind of volume, any tiny increase in closing % can have a huge impact on my monthly sales volume. I have used Agency Vault’s LSP Assessment and sales training to elevate my LSPs’ results. There’s so much value in being able to identify an LSP’s areas for improvement and then have THEM log into the Agency Vault for their specific training, scripts and tools to close the gaps in those areas. I am already seeing significant results and anticipate at least a 10-15% bump in monthly revenue and more importantly, freeing me up to focus on more strategic activities to grow the agency! I am getting tremendous results from implementing Agency Vault and I highly recommend to every Allstate Owner.

Justin H, Indiana, Captive Agency Owner

The trainings that I have gone through with Agency Vault & Blueprint have helped me TRIPLE my results in just the last month. The specific questioning strategy has helped my confidence and overall effectiveness as an Insurance Producer. Thank you so much!

Zack M, Sales Rep, Licensed Agent

It's a solid value and for the price is a no brainer to try out.

Justin E, Illinois, Agency Owner

I have been training my producers using Agency Vault since I opened my agency. We are now, consistently writing over $120k per month and at the top of all the leader boards. I highly recommend this program for becoming great producers again!

Anthony A, Texas, Captive Agency Owner