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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different than other Needs Diagnoses?

A: It's Designed to help your LSPs/Producers FIND more life policies (IPS) and Retirement Opportunities (ALR).  More lines = increased retention.

Q: Is there training for my Producers?

A: Yep! In addition to an online course, complete with live calls, worksheets, scripts, and everything else you'll need to train your sales producers to sell better, and scale your agency, you will also get access to the Weekly Coaching Group, led by Craig and Neal, co-founders of Agency Vault.  Craig is a multi-location agency owner with $7mm in premium, and Neal is a business strategist and high-performance business coach from Tony Robbins.

Q: I don't have time! Is it difficult to implement?

A: Heck no! We have developed a step-by-step checklist and "implementation course" that is fast and simple.  Once you are grounded in the fundamentals, you can easily implement the tools, trainings, lessons, and strategies immediately.  Listen to actual interviews, and learn how to effectively interview with our step-by-step interviewing unit.

Q: Is there anything else?

Yep! We also have developed an entire framework for recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the BEST sales talent.  As part of your monthly membership, you'll also get UNLIMITED hiring assessments, which we developed to align perfectly with the 7 Step Sales Process your team will use to sell.  It's the only program that helps you find the right people who will be able to sell the right way.  GENIUS!


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